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We cut our logs at 10 inches but they can vary and so we say between 9 and 11 inches.
Our truck is split into 4 sections. One section is one cubic metre of loose logs. There are approximately three hundred logs in a cubic metre and this stacks down to approximately 3/4 of a cubic metre.
We can supply any sized logs up to twenty inches within our normal pricing structure. We can also cut logs as small as eight inches but this carries a £10 surcharge per section.
Manufacturers recommend kiln dried logs because they burn hotter, cleaner and with less residues both in the chimney and the ash pan. As an added bonus on a modern wood burning stove, the logs last longer because you can control the airflow through the appliance more efficiently.
As we always endeavour to deliver a quality product and give a prompt service, we are now recommended by several wood burner suppliers and installers including Classic Fireplaces, Boston Heating, D T Stoves and Country Fires. In addition several chimney sweeps in the area now recommend us which is possibly the best endorsement of all.
As the industry is completely unregulated we always welcome people to visit our yard, have a chat about their requirements and view the logs in stock prior to delivery, in fact we are always amazed that people will spend in excess of £100 on a product they have not even seen.
We aim to be competitive, but as from 1st September we will be increasing our prices, the first price increase for 3 years. This is solely due to a large increase in the cost of raw materials.

KILN DRIED LOGS:                          
£125 for 1 section                                      
£240 for 2 sections                                    
£355 for 3 sections                                    
£470 for 4 sections.                              


For collection only:
70 per tub of kiln dried logs
£8 per bag of kiln dried logs
£4 per bag of kindling or 4 bags for £15

Small bags of logs and kindling.

Tub of wood

For more information and to place an order, please call us on

Home: 01778 395550

Mobile: 07748 107473