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Kiln Dried Logs

Introducing a new venture for Toft Logs. We have invested in a kiln drying facility to enable us to deliver dry logs year round.

Our basic philosophy of cutting our wood in the summer and storing to deliver in winter has worked really well. It ensures our wood is always dry, and an added bonus is that unlike other suppliers who cut their wood the day they deliver it, we can deliver large quantities of wood very quickly during peak periods. It is therefore very unusual for us to have a waiting list of more than 1 week.

However 3 years ago we were cutting 200 tonnes of wood and it lasted until the end of January, now we cut 600 tonnes and it has gone by just after Christmas .
Last year we cut the absolute maximum amount of logs we could, given the the time & storage facilities we have available and so with this in mind we have installed a large bio-mass boiler and converted a building to enable us to kiln dry the wood in 15 ton batches, so now we can cut wood in the winter months as well as the summer months.

Boiler plus adjacent store where the wood is stored.

We have always maintained and still do that our summer cut wood (ie wood cut in April, May, June, July and August) for delivery in September October, November and December, is just as good as kiln dried and these logs will still be available whilst stocks last.We feel the only way to maintain a quality dry product is to dry the wood artificially in November and December for delivery in January, February and March, extending our cutting season into the winter months because even seasoned wood cut into logs in December January and February will not be dry enough to burn immediately.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to burn dry wood in modern woodburner/ multifuel appliances. You get so much more heat from a dry log and no problems with soot or tar in your chimney flues.

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Our new biomass boiler, this heats the kiln.

The air is then directed down the tunnel, through the laterals and into the wood next door.

These fans blow air through a large water fed heat exchanger.

We know that lots of people have had bad experiences with wet wood and now insist on kiln dried wood as they feel this gives them the ultimate guarantee. For this reason our kiln dried logs will be available all year round. As most kiln dried producers provide a nationwide service, their prices include a nationwide delivery charge. As we are only going to provide a local service initially, our prices will be very competitive as they will exclude this additional cost. We would hope that kiln dried customers will use there local supplier and save money. 

For more information and to place an order, please call us on

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