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About Our Logs
All our wood comes from managed woodlands through agents that predominantly work with the Forestry Commission and large estates. We source all our wood as locally as possible to save road miles and always from sustainable sources. At this point, the wood we have in stock comes from a 15 mile radius. It is delivered in 2-3 metre lengths of varying diameter and is stacked in our yard, starting the drying process.

Machinery processes quality uniform logs

Our standard log is between 8-10" and we find that this suits most wood burners and open fires. However we can supply larger logs as a special order. We can also cut smaller logs, but this carries a £10/section surcharge.


The logs we sell are 85% ash and a mixture of beech and oak. All this is classifield as hardwood. As long as the wood is well dried we feel that this mixture delivers the best results for the customer.

We process our wood in the summer for delivery in the winter. The logs are stored under cover in a large airy dutch barn which obviously speeds the drying process considerably. It is generally considered that dry wood needs to be 20% or less moisture content, and processing throughout the summer enables us to achieve this. Our wood is always dry and well seasoned.

We now process kiln dried wood too. Find out more...

Stockpile of logs waiting to be delivered

For more information and to place an order, please call us on

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